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Study in Canada
I am looking forward to study in Canada but unaware about the procedure. If you too are encountering alike problem then let Pacy Educational Consultancy to help you. According to the statistics it has shown that Canada has been the best destination for general productive life, in terms of national income, life expectancy and educational achievement. The students from Canada have earned mostly high marks with flying colors and here the crime and violence is very low which shows that it is the paradise for potent students. Thus the educational system is outstanding and marks among the top all over the world.

Why Canadian is the best option to set your career?
  • Rank as the high standard educational institutions all over the globe
  • The tuition fees for worldwide students are much lesser than other similar countries
  • It pays more per capita on education sector than other nation
  • The generosity and broadmindedness of Canadian tradition is well known all over the world
  • Noteworthy multicultural society
  • World leader in telecommunications, Software development, aerospace, urban transport, mining technology, engineering, biotechnology and environmental industries
  • Provides broad option with 90 universities, 150 colleges with technical institutes
  • Extremely low cost of living

Educational System of Canada
Beneath the absolute authority of the region and states here is the Federal Education System. The public education is free up in Canada counting secondary school in all state. Talking much about the post-secondary level institutions is alienated into universities and community colleges.

Types of Certification

Certificate: After the accomplishment of yearly program qualification award

Diploma: on the ground of 1 or 2 year of victorious study qualification award

Bachelors Degree: After the completion of 4 year of full time study award awarded by Universities/ University/ colleges/ Community Colleges

Post Graduate Diplomas/ Certificates: It will show the way to Masters Degree. The basics to partake in theses sort of programs are a Bachelors Degree of 3 to 4 years.

Master Degree: It is for 2 years and can be followed after 4 years or 3 years Bachelors and a year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada. It is seen as an alternative for Bachelors Degree.

Doctorate or PhD: a degree above the Masters Degree and normally have need of 4 to 7 years to accomplish

Earning and Studying in Canada
The students who are taking full time courses in degree or diploma are permitted to work in Canada. Students can work on college of an institution which is recorded with no call for employment agreement. It counts on campus service for teaching or research. The spouse of full time students is qualified to open employment authorization seeing on medical necessities. So studying and earning both are trouble free in Canada. What are you waiting for come and grasp the opportunity, the fortune does not wait longer. You have to make your own fortune and Pacy Educational Consultancy is there to provide effective counseling.
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