Free Counselling

Free IELTS/ Japanese language classes, Free Accommodation for students from outside Valley. An offer applies to students processing from our consultancy only.


When we think to establish Pacy Education Consultancy we are not sure that we would be remembered by student. Our mission is to delete every qualm and quarries of students in relation to abroad education all through genuine counseling. We take it as our responsibility to bring up to date course details of university. We suggest an accurate course for an apt candidate after exploring the skills, an economic status and educational background of candidate. Helping the students in getting visas effectively by offering proficient and trouble free way out is also our mission as there are many students who have been rejected so it is our duty to aware the students. We are aware what we are doing we would like to assure you that to deceive you is neither our mission nor our intention. Promoting the educational system of abroad we are hoping to bring capable manpower in our nation. Or institution is renowned as an enthusiastic to optimize human budding and assembling the prospect for global indulgent all through superiority international education and accepting cultural exchange by maintaining matchless client support. We accept as true in the leveraging competency of our qualified teams, association and our resources to achieve our mission.