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SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a merit based scholarship test taken by students who are looking for study in undergraduate colleges and Universities in USA and Canada. The test is typically taken by high school students and it tests the problem solving, thinking and communicating skills of the students. Each year, more than two million students take SAT tests. SAT score is accepted by almost all colleges and universities from USA and Canada. SAT evaluates English and Mathematics skills of students.

Format of SAT
Length of time of SAT exam is 3hrs and 45minutes. Although there exists 4 sections, the Experimental Section that continues for 25minutes is not scored. Hence, only 3sections and 3hrs and 20 minutes of test matters for your score. Each section is scored on a range from 200-800 points. The total score is 2400 points and minimum score of 1800 points is required by students who are looking for scholarship in undergraduate programs.    

There are three sections in Reading in which 19 sentence completion questions and 48 Reading Comprehension Questions are asked. Total 67 questions are needed to be answered in 70minutes.

There are three sections in Writing in which 49 Grammar related questions and 1 Essay are to be written within 60 minutes.

There are three sections in Mathematics. You need to answer 44 Multiple Questions and 10 Grid-ins within 70minutes. Questions are from arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

You need to answer sections from either Reading or Writing or Mathematics. Time limit is 25minutes. Scoring is not done for answers from this section.  
PACY Education Consultancy conducts SAT preparation course that is specially designed for Nepalese students. We provide essential resources while our expert teachers will teach the students about the secrets, tricks and strategies of SAT that really help students to score better. We encourage students to focus on verbal skills and give frequent mock tests for boosting the confidence level.