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Free IELTS/ Japanese language classes, Free Accommodation for students from outside Valley. An offer applies to students processing from our consultancy only.


Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized American test that evaluates the ability of non native English speaker in reading, writing, listening and speaking English. TOEFL is held by ETS (Educational Testing Service). TOEFL score is vital for students who are looking for admission in colleges and universities in USA, Canada and some other English speaking countries. Once given, the score of TOEFL is valid for 2yrs. For present, fee of TOEFL is set at USD150.
There exists three formats of TOEFL tests: Internet Based Test (IBT), Paper Based Test (PBT) and Computer Based Test (CBT). CBT Toefl is not available in Nepal and PBT- TOEFL is phasing out. So, TOEFL- IBT is the only popular TOEFL test model in Nepal.
There are four sections in TOEFL-iBT test:

The reading section continues for 60 – 100 minutes during which you are given 3-5 passages. 12-14 questions are asked from each passage. Answers may require paraphrasing, filling out the tables, completing summaries, vocabulary, inferences and details.

The Listening section continues for 60 – 90 minutes during which you are required to answer 34-51 questions of six long passages.  Each passage consists of two student conversations and four academic lectures or discussions.

Speaking includes six tasks out of which two are independent tasks and four are integrated tasks. Independent tasks require students to put their opinions about some aspect of academic life. In integrated tasks, student must listen to passages and then summarize and offer opinions on the information in the passages. For each task, students are given 15-30 seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to speak.

There are two tasks in writing. In an integrated task, students are required to write an essay regarding to what they read and listen to. In the independent task, students must write an essay to support an opinion on a topic.
PACY Education Consultancy conducts TOEFL preparation course that is specially designed for Nepalese students. We provide essential resources while our expert teachers will teach the students about the secrets of TOEFL and the tricks and strategies that really help students to score better. We encourage students to focus on verbal skills and give frequent mock tests for boosting the confidence level.
You can learn more about TOEFL through the official website- www.toeflorg or