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Study in UK 
To study in UK students should go through 1 year International base course to get your education up to the mandatory mark which is sufficient for the course you are interested to have it. According to the Education System students should go through 3 to 4 years for undergraduate degree which is not applied to Veterinary Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine as they last for 5 years. The good thing is there is huge scope for Joint Degree and Combine Degree. Still you are looking for more interesting course in UK?
Sandwich Courses are the merge amid working experience along with continuing studies. You are estimated to spend 1 year or 2 blocks of 6 months selecting the work atmosphere which coherent your course. This sort of course can be extended from 3 years to 4 years.

Pre-Masters Program
Usually UK universities are providing a year of Pre- Master Program and for this duration you can study your specialist subject, study skills and academic English which would help you to get ready for in time taking up a Masters program.

Postgraduate Degrees
The foremost Postgraduate Degree that is Masters in Arts, LLM and Masters in Science last for a year but Research Degrees namely MPhil and PHD extend from 1 to 3 years. The available Postgraduate Degrees are Specialist, Conversion and Research.

Student VISA for the UK
For those candidates who are applying student VISA in UK should go through certain conditions. Candidate must select to study in the college or university which are publicly funded, fee paying independent school or reputed private institution. Make sure where you are filling weekday full time course or full time degree course and be certain that you can afford the courses per week and living expenditure of family members in case they are turning up along with you. The candidate should undoubtedly mention that he or she is not working until the course last longer than 6 months. After that you can possibly work during your vacations or in part time and do not forget to mention that you will depart from UK after completing your studies.

Working Permission in UK
In student visa you can prefer to work part time or holiday work but you cannot cross 20 hours a week during your term time. Till you are a student you have no right to carry out business, provide services or be self employed as an expert entertainer or sportsperson. Likewise you cannot work full time in any permanent job. On the other hand once your selected course is done you are free to apply for work permit employment. Remember if you have graduated in engineering or approved science then you can stay extra year and you do not need to apply a work permit. 

Visa Application Procedure
The time from September to January is supposed to be busy in visa office so you need to apply prior. Applying for student visa remember to pay it only through bank draft which is accessible at the Visa Application Centers.

Prepare all compulsory Documents
Income tax papers of the sponsor
Student Visa Application Form
Photograph size 2 inches x2 inches
Offer letter from the institution
TOEFEL/ IELTS score, if valid
Valid Passport
Visa fee in the form of a bank draft
Copies of academic certificates, proof of payment of fees, if valid
Proof of funds: bank loans are also accepted, letter from the sponsor

Things to remember while you apply for student visa in UK
Medical care is provided by the national Health Services if you are a student studying more than 6 months otherwise you need to bear expensive medical care by your own.

Advantages of applying student visa in UK
Enjoy Multi-cultural atmosphere
Broaden your knowledge
Secure your career
Be the part of global education
English Proficiency
Things to remember

Scholarship: Contact British Council Office
Cost of living: Being in the well developed country is not that easy so have good information in relation to travel, living health and accommodation. Usually accommodation is provided by colleges near to the college or universities in cheap amount.

Work Permission: with passport sticker you can work but during your term you cannot work more than 20 hours in a week.
If you have any confusion or need further information you can visit our office.